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10 Fun Date Ideas for the Winter

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

1. Play in the snow

Go ahead and grab a sled and go down Old Main. You can build a snowman, make snow angels and have epic snowball fights.

2. Go skiing or snowboarding

Utah has the best snow on earth. Go on up to Beaver Mountain and spend a day skiing.

3. Go ice skating

Eccles Ice Arena or Merlin Olsen Park is a great place to go skating.

4. Go to a hockey game

USU often has hockey games. It is a great environment to sit down and chat while cheering for your local team.

5. Play games indoors

Find a fireplace video to put on your tv, play some music, and play some games.

6. Watch a movie

Grab a blanket, put a movie in and find yourself a snuggle buddy.

7. Paint night

Turn on some Bob Ross and try to see who can make the best painting.

8. Hot chocolate judging

Drive around town and see who has the best hot chocolate in town. Buy some mugs before going and split a small hot chocolate wherever you.

9. Ax throwing/ Archery shooting

You can go ax throwing any time of the year, but during the winter this can be a great activity to be inside and having fun!

10. Cooking

Making a meal together can be fun and include some team work. After you are done you can enjoy your delicious meal.

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