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Where Utah Gets Engaged!

S.E. Needham Jewelers proudly sponsors 100+ date ideas!  We hope you enjoy Logan with someone special ;)

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  • Swing at the park

  • Play in the sprinklers

  • Make kites and fly them

  • Go tree climbing

  • Watch the sunrise or sunset

  • Have a campfire

  • Go to the Logan Zoo

  • Feed ducks (with corn or lettuce, not bread!)

  • Rollerskate, rollerblade, or skateboard

  • Walk in the rain and puddle jump

  • Go for a moonlit walk or hike

  • Rent a two-person bike or unicycle

  • Skip stones at 2nd Dam

  • Make cucumber boats and race them at Merlin Olsen park

  • Go rock climbing

  • Float tubes down the river

  • Take advantages of Logan’s many hiking trails

  • Go fishing at 1st Dam

  • Go shooting at the range

  • Take a canoe out on the Logan river

  • Go horseback riding

  • Go ice blocking on Old Main or at Hyrum Gibbons Mt Logan Park

  • Have a friendly squirt gun fight

  • Head up the canyon to go star gazing

  • Play water balloon volleyball/basketball

  • Go tubing/sledding down a snowy hill

  • Go ice skating at the Eccles Ice Arena or Merlin Olsen Park

  • Go snowmobiling

  • Build a snow fort or snowman and have a snowball fight

  • Try ice fishing


  • Play basketball, tennis, soccer, or volleyball

  • Play ultimate Frisbee, racquetball, or croquet

  • Go to the gym

  • Go mini golfing

  • Play pool

  • Play ping pong

  • Go bowling at Logan Lanes or the Fun Park

  • Play kids’ games like jacks, hopscotch, kick the can, red rover, tag, hide and seek, or jump rope

  • Play board games/card games (great for rainy days!)

  • Do a puzzle while listening to music or playing a conversation game like 20 Questions

  • Have a checkers or chess tournament

  • Learn some simple magic tricks

  • Go bug collecting/frog catching around Logan River

  • Color in coloring books (Walmart and Dollar Tree both have lots of options!)

  • Blow bubbles

  • Try finger painting (for a twist, make edible paints!)

  • Try some fun science experiments

  • Play video games

  • Play charades

  • Go to the campus VR lab

  • Play game show games like Jeopardy or Family Feud

  • Play Two Truths and a Lie to get to know each other better

  • Go to an Arcade (like Fun Unlimited in the mall)


  • Go to a garage sale or rummage sale

  • Play The Price is Right at Walmart or Smith’s Marketplace

  • Go to DI and find each other an outfit for $5 or less

  • Go to the mall and get a snack while you browse

  • Walk down Main Street and window shop

  • Watch a movie at home with popcorn

  • Take online personality quizzes

  • Read horoscopes and look up your birth charts

  • Make wishes on helium balloons

  • Visit a senior center or hospital

  • Go for a drive or bike ride without a destination in mind

  • Learn to drive a manual transmission car

  • Run errands or go grocery shopping

  • Teach a dog a new trick

  • Look at family or childhood pictures

  • Read the newspaper and find something from the classifieds or personal ads

  • Go to the Library

  • Visit the Logan Sock Outlet


  • Visit a bakery for a quick breakfast

  • Try to make a meal for $2 per person

  • Have a pot-luck dinner with another couple

  • Make taffy, honey candy, or mints

  • Have a waffle bar for dinner

  • Go to Gossners for milk and cheese samples

  • Make ice cream by hand in plastic bags

  • Make individual pizzas

  • Go to Casper’s for Fat Boys or sundaes

  • Have tinfoil dinners cooked in the fire

  • Make bread from scratch

  • Plan a candlelit dinner

  • Visit the Pepperidge Farm outlet store

  • Visit a local restaurant neither of you have tried

  • Go to Charlie’s and roll dice to pick your flavors

  • Make banana splits, milkshakes, or Orange Julius

  • Clean the sink at Angie’s

  • Have an ice cream sculpting contest

  • Go to Bear Lake and get raspberry shakes

  • Visit Brigham City during Peach Days


  • Go to the Preston rodeo or the Cache County fair

  • Go to a free concert

  • Visit the observatory on campus

  • Go to the ballet, symphony, or theatre

  • Visit an art museum or gallery

  • Go to a football, basketball, or hockey game

  • Attend a Helicon West poetry reading

  • Go to Poetry and a Beverage

  • Enjoy a live performance at The Venue

  • Watch the Antics improve group

  • Visit The American West Heritage Center


  • Try origami or have a paper airplane contest

  • Cut up the newspaper/magazines and make a story with the words

  • Build a terrarium

  • Make candles with crayons and wax

  • Do macramé or finger knitting

  • Write found poetry (serious or funny, you decide!)

  • Make shirts for each other and wear them for the rest of the day

  • Write thank-you notes or heart attack someone

  • Make cookies, give them away

  • Wash a car

  • Plant beans or other seeds and see whose grows tallest

  • Rake leaves or shovel snow

  • Visit the Cache Humane Shelter

  • Fix up a bike


  • Tour the Logan Tabernacle

  • Visit the monuments outside the Cache County Courthouse

  • Visit someplace in Logan that you’ve heard of but never seen

  • Pick a spot to sit and sketch what you see

  • Visit historical Logan sites

  • Learn about important people from Logan’s history

  • Go to the Summerfest Arts Faire


  • Make Valentines

  • Color Easter eggs

  • Go to Baby Animal Days at the American West Heritage Center

  • Have a green meal for St. Patrick’s Day

  • Watch fireworks on the 4th of July

  • Carve pumpkins

  • Go to Little Bear Bottom’s corn maze

  • Make paper snowflakes

  • Exchange white elephant gifts

  • Decorate for the holidays

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