Date Ideas

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Date Idea’s From Our Readers:

From Bill:

“just went to the ice cave in Paris canyon near Bear Lake and it was sweet. There are a lot of caves and scary places to go for Halloween. Polygamy cave by Tony Grove, the Green door at the mouth of Logan Canyon, etc.
Also, it’s kinda far but another really good hot pot place is Maple Grove in Idaho a few miles past Riverdale. They have a deal on Wednesday or something like that. check it out. (”

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  • Make a movie together—find odd props around the house, then come up with a funny scenario to act out.
  • Have a backwards date and do everything backwards from what you normally do on a date.
  • Buy flowers and give them to random people on the street who look like they need a “pick-me-up”
  • Go out with some clip boards and do a survey in a public place. Use funny questions about how many times people brush their teeth and what they had for dinner.
  • Go panning for gold in a river. Wear a funny hat and act like you really need to find some.
  • Go to a restaurant—just order appetizers
  • Go chat with random people and see how long people will talk with you in public place.
  • Make kites—go to a local park to fly them.
  • For a Creative group date – Go on a scavenger hunt in your neighborhood to find all the ingredients you need to make cookies. When the cookies are made, take them to a mutual friend or maybe a grandparent.
  • Go “people watching” at the mall—it can be fun to just sit and talk.
  • Go on a “Video Scavenger Hunt”
    • Directions: Each team has a video camera and a list of scenarios to get footage of — Here are a few possible ideas: Interview a complete stranger about something random, find a random stranger and greet them like an old friend, pretend to know them from somewhere, stage a “break up”, yell at each other and draw lots of attention, try on clothing for the opposite sex. As you can tell, this can be a ton of fun, especially when you go back and watch your footage.
  • Go for a bike ride in your neighborhood—maybe find a tandem bicycle to borrow or rent.
  • Go to the park and feed the birds
  • Go to random spots in your hometown and take pictures – Be creative and this date can be a lot of fun.
  • Go to your local animal shelter and play with the animals—Who knows, you just might find a new friend
  • Have a “Bring your own topping” waffle party—assign each group member to bring his or her favorite waffle toppings
  • Make homemade ice cream together
  • Lay trash bags on the floor and eat spaghetti together with your hands.
  • Find inner tubes and float down a nearby river
  • Get a role of quarters and have a contest to see who can get the best and most creative item from the 25cent machines (maybe in a shopping mall)
  • Go to the thrift store with 5 dollars; have a contest to see who can get the best item Or–buy clothing for your date – wear the clothing on the date
  • Color pictures together—find a fun coloring book or print coloring book pages off of the Internet
  • Finger painting—put on an apron cuz this can get messy. Find some big paper or maybe a cardboard box and make a masterpiece together.
  • Blind-Fold Miniature Golf—miniature golf is fun, but it can be even more fun when you add some variations; play a round with blindfolds, then try playing three legged miniature golf (tie your dates left leg to your right leg)
  • Visit garage sales—Travel around your neighborhood on a Saturday morning and visit the garage sales.
  • Build a fort together out of blankets and furniture, or make your own haunted house
  • Take a trip to your local hobby shop – pick out a project to work on for the afternoon—maybe build a boat, or a rocket, something that you can play with!
  • Make-Your-Own Pizza
  • Play the game “Bigger or Better”
    • Directions: Each couple starts with something small—go door to door in your neighborhood asking people to triad you for something bigger or better than the item. At the end of a specified amount of time, gather together as a group and vote on who got the biggest and best item.
  • Go ice blocking on Old Main—slide down big hills on a large block of ice. Bring towels to lay on the ice (to sit on).
  • Make outfits for each other out of newspaper then have a fashion show
  • Set up a tent in your front room, sit in the tent and eat dinner on a blanket–build a
  • fake fire, or roast marshmallows over a candle.
  • Have a progressive meal
    • Directions: Select different restaurants around town and go to each one. Order drinks at one, appetizers at another, go somewhere new for the main course, and top it off with your favorite desert in town.
      Go on a nature walk and pick up garbage on the way, give a prize for the strangest item found, and for the most garbage collected. Its fun, and your doing service in your community!
  • Go on a picnic, but choose somewhere extremely random–like on your roof
  • Read a book together—Choose your favorite childhood story and read aloud
  • Put on a play – choose a popular story from literature, or a movie
  • If you or your date are the Creative Musical type – Write a song together
  • Build a sand castle—this could be at the beach, or even in a sand box
  • Make your own drive in movie! Borrow or rent a projector and watch a movie in your backyard, or set your TV up in the garage and watch your favorite movies from inside your car.
  • Wii Olympics — get a group together and have a competition using Wii Sports
  • Glow sticks in a park – need we say more
  • Build something together with legos or lincoln Logs
  • Have a Fondue party – Get a good Fondue recipe (they are all over online) and have a Fondue dinner, or Fondue desserts.
  • Play dress up—be sure to take lots of pictures
  • Make life lists together—all the things you want to do before you die – Be creative and help your date come up with some fun things.
  • Have a Marshmallow eating contest — see who in the group can fit the most mallows in their mouth!
  • Reverse Trick-or-Treating
    • Directions: Dress up in your Halloween costume (any time of year) and walk around town with your date knocking on doors. Instead of asking for trick-or-treats, bring treats of your own to hand out.
  • Play live Clue—This one requires some creativity
    • Directions: Hand out clues to each individual in the group (location, weapon, killer etc..) ask each other questions to determine the killer. This can be a lot of fun but requires some creativity and preparation.
  • Have a “LAN Party”—a computer game night with everyone playing at the same place. This can be fun even if you don’t normally enjoy video games—just laugh together and have a good time.
  • Make a fancy resturant in your apartment/room and have your friends serve you with food you made.
  • Go to ChuckeCheese or Mcdonalds for dinner. Do activities that would be a kids dream to do. Arcades and Disney movies rock.
  • Frisbee in the dark with glow sticks and a light up frisbee ~JaNae
  • Pick a culture of the world and imitate with food, activities, and clothes to match.
  • Make your date decide.
    • Directions: make it mysterious for your date–take your ideas to them throughout the week, tell them to just answer the random questions you ask them. For example: red or white (color of flower you bring) fast or slow ( fast food or sit down restaurant) hot or cold (Ice Cream or hot cocoa) – Anything will work. You ask them during the week then during the date reveal to them what they decided. It’s quirky and cute but fun.
  • Go to an art museum with a date that appreciates art just as much as you do( more fun if that appreciation is minimal) and make fun of the art. Gives time for good one on one convo and you can show off your funny side. If you really do love art thats great too!
  • Here is a Creative Date Idea – Play paint twister. Make a twister mat using some old plastic (like a tablecloth)– except put paint where the colored dots would be. SO MUCH FUN ~Julie
  • Have a fancy dinner consisting of breakfast cereal. (Its funner if they see the fancy setting before they know what’s on the menu, then they get a funny surprise). ~ Dani
  • Build paper airplanes and shoot them down with shotguns. ~Dave
  • Have a paint war. Get large bath sponges and cut them into baseball size sponges then dip them in buckets of washable paint and go crazy. ~Andy